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"Why Shorecrest?"

Posted by Dr. Jean Spencer-Carnes on Oct 31, 2018 11:00:00 AM

Where education begins

From tuition to curriculum there are so many things to consider when choosing a school. Once you have decided where your children will get the best experience, you may find yourself trying to articulate precisely what drew you in.

  • Was it the studies and activities students were engaged in when you visited?
  • Was it the feeling the school gave you about what your child’s future might be?
  • Was it that the people connected to the school were impressive people?

Only the people who have experienced a school can tell you what it really did for them. Shorecrest Preparatory School in St. Petersburg, Florida, is proud of its students, alumni and parent community. Our Mission to create lifelong learners, who maintain standards of excellence and serve others is being achieved on a daily basis. Take a look at what our community has to say:

Lifelong Learning:

“For Ethan good grades did not come easily. There was never a time in his academic struggles though, that we did not have the help and attention of the teachers and staff to get the assistance he needed. Even when we thought he’d never get organized, or when our frustration level with him not turning in homework was getting the best of us…we were always gently reassured that it’s a growing process and it would all work out. Now he’s so much more organized and disciplined with homework. He takes initiative in completing tasks. We can look back and truly see the “reward in the journey” and how it has benefitted Ethan and helped to make him into the well-rounded confident young man he is today with big plans for the future.

Shorecrest has also helped Ethan grow as a quiet leader and a rock solid individual. He was able to discover his passion for the medical field due to the exposure to the curriculum and educators at Shorecrest and incidentally through the circle of friends we have met through the school as well. We would be remiss not to include the inspiration and drive he has gained from his coaches over the years."

-- Suzanne & Craig Erkfitz (Ethan, Class of 2015) 


“Our son joined Shorecrest at the beginning of 7th grade and we have been delighted with his experience thus far. The teachers and students were welcoming and attentive. It took very little time for him to adjust to the new school and to a more challenging curriculum. We selected Shorecrest due to its curriculum and excellent reputation. Academically he is being challenged and has improved his study skills significantly. He is definitely more independent, and is developing essential critical thinking skills.”

-- Helen Consoni, parent of an 8th grader who transferred to Shorecrest from an area fundamental school in 7th grade


"Though my school-aged years are far behind me now (ask me how far in private and there’s a chance I’ll tell you), the values that Shorecrest teachers and staff carefully helped to cultivate, as they gently urged my adolescent self toward adulthood, continue to play a significant role in the way I conduct and perceive my life. More often through action than words, Shorecrest helped me understand, and internalize, that every human being has value; that the journey can be even more important – and enlightening – than the goal; that pursuit of ambition is laudable but can turn hollow and barren in the absence of integrity, compassion, and respect; and that knowledge is the path to greater self-understanding and universal human truths.

I was born for public interest work, to be sure, but Shorecrest helped give me the tools and the confidence to take my life in a direction that I otherwise might not have discovered."

--Mary Evelyn Greene, ‘83, environmental attorney, professor and author of "Easy to Love but Hard to Raise" (Red Hen Press Feb. 2012), a collection of stories written by and for parents of special needs kids.

 Students Collect Necessities for the St. Pete Free Clinic

One parent’s thoughts seem to encapsulate what every one of us hopes children are learning everyday. She says, “I’ve witnessed firsthand how a Shorecrest education goes far beyond academic learning; it teaches children also to be good citizens. Thank you for creating a culture of giving for our children where each other has become a way of life, instilling in them an invaluable sense of community awareness, compassion and responsibility.”

--Becky Garcia (Clay ‘17, Isabel ‘25)


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