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The Power of “and": Time, Talent, and Resources

Posted by Stacy Alexander on Dec 4, 2019 7:57:05 AM

Each day, a student’s and family’s experience at an independent school is made possible by tuition AND a school’s annual fund. For that reason, creating a culture of philanthropy is essential to the growth and well-being of independent schools. The National Association of Independent Schools Guide for Independent School Families asks, “Why do independent schools ask for tuition "and" a tax-deductible gift?” 

The simplest answer can be found in the power of “and.” The student and family experience of an independent school is made possible by tuition and a school’s annual fund. For many schools, the annual fund provides the financial resources for additional arenas of study and exploration.

STEAMmakers community event at Shorecrest.

At Shorecrest Preparatory School, our Annual Fund provides the extras in a Chargers’ education:

Annual funds are valuable to a school’s long-term health and legacy; these gifts help build a bridge between our tuition income and expenses that accrue over multiple years.

Guide for Independent School Families also makes a great case for why families should contribute their TIME, TALENT and RESOURCES to support their schools. Readers can learn that a $10 gift has significant meaning. Readers can learn that having 100% of the community involved, whether through volunteering or philanthropic activities of the school, leads to improved opportunities for current and future generations of children.

Schools with involved communities are generous places. Shorecrest sees examples of this every day – in added hours faculty spend creating strong student-teacher relationships, a parent’s time and care in sending their child to Shorecrest, students’ commitment to service, volunteers helping a struggling family in our community, the Board’s willingness to undertake and support capital campaigns.

As a progressive yet pragmatic independent school, Shorecrest is a special place because of the myriad ways each family can craft their own experience. Each family’s involvement, whether through time, talent or resources is critical to the overall success and sustainability of Shorecrest.

Shorecrest Preparatory School

For nearly one hundred years, Shorecrest’s mission of providing each family with great educational opportunities has been kept alive by the thousands of families, educators, and trustees. Without their involvement Shorecrest would not be the school it is today. The power of "and" has allowed Shorecrest to embody the achievements of the past while laying a foundation of success for future students.

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