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3 Insights into Private School Financial Aid

Posted by Karen Moore on Nov 23, 2016 8:00:00 AM
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Nearly all college applicants apply for financial assistance. It’s an accepted part of the college application process. As parents explore private school options for children in grades K-12, I would encourage them to look at the financial aid process the same way.

For example, Shorecrest uses SSS by NAIS as its private school financial aid assessment tool. From the moment you click on the SSS by NAIS website and read the words “Financial Aid” you immediately think to yourself;


“I am a middle income family with a great job, home, cars and children. I won’t qualify for any discounts off tuition for my children. I want them to have the best education but I just cannot afford the full price published for tuition. I can pay half or better, just not all.”

Private school tuition discount financial aid

Well, there is good news. Families can qualify for discounts off tuition to private schools. K-12 private schools, like colleges, just need to know that they are making an informed decision based upon tax data so they are being fair to all families and using their discounts wisely.


By learning the following 3 tips, you can feel more comfortable applying for discounts from tuition to Shorecrest.


  1. SSS by NAIS does give credit and factor in for multiple students, which functions as a multi-child discount! It divides the total family contribution by the # of children in tuition schools. The more children, the less per child.
  2. Based upon the current SSS by NAIS formulas, a family of 4 with less than $215,000 can expect some discount off tuition.
  3. At Shorecrest, more discounts are available and offered in the Middle and Upper Schools.


Last, but not least, the majority of the information needed comes straight from your previous year’s tax return. Any changes from that return, can be noted in the final “comments” section.


The best part, is that the information is saved, and you just have to update it for the next year. Even easier!

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