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Parent Participation Drives the Family-School Partnership

Posted by Dr. Jean Spencer-Carnes on Oct 24, 2018 11:24:08 AM

Volunteer opportunities are often a way to be of service to others, to stretch our comfort zone and reach out to the wider community. It's important to remember that volunteering can start very close to home in the parent school partnership. Within your child's educational environment, there are daily opportunities to do a task small or large that makes students and schools stronger. Parent involvement in schools is widely recognized by educationally focused institutions like PBS. You can find a whole page dedicated to tips and ideas for parent involvement in schools at The introduction to that page reads, "Parents are the cornerstone to helping kids get a good education."

Parent Volunteer reading in Sign LanguageOne of the hallmarks of Shorecrest Preparatory School in St. Petersburg, Florida is the school parent partnership. Parents at Shorecrest are actively encouraged to engage in school activities and be a part of the community. This collaboration is outlined in our Philosophy, and made official in our Family Handbooks:

At Shorecrest we believe in the importance of a partnership between a student‘s parents / guardians and the school. The positive, collaborative and constructive family-school relationship enhances the school‘s ability to serve the students and accomplish the school‘s mission. A positive learning environment exists when families and the school work together as partners. Parents/guardians/grandparents are encouraged to share their time and talents with the Lower School and are welcome visitors. They are invited to volunteer their help on a regularly scheduled or occasional basis during center and class activities.

In this video clip, "The Importance of Volunteers," you can see and hear the difference our volunteers make to our students:


HubSpot Video


As our Headmaster Mike Murphy wrote has written:

What is obvious to me is that the combined efforts of parents/guardians, faculty/staff, and students make life at Shorecrest very exciting. I realize that in the midst of our very busy and often stress-filled lives we can take for granted the great things that are happening to our children and community every day. It may be a simple but important thing, like having a staff member in a funny hat greet you in carline, or an even more important thing like seeing a child overcome a challenge. These special moments are worthy of praise. The significance of relationships between families, teachers, coaches, directors, staff and administrators is highlighted in research. Our willingness and ability to work together has a positive impact on the success of our children and our school.

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