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Investing in Preschool and Early Childhood Education

Posted by Mike Murphy on Nov 2, 2016 8:00:00 PM

I do not think that one has to be an educator, researcher or child development specialist to realize that positive development in the early years of life is a predictor of future success.  The child who has been reared in a loving and language-rich home and school environment in the early years of life has a huge advantage for future development.

Shorecrest preschool proves value of investment in early childhood education  

The efforts to fund early childhood education programs strike me as the most important investment parents, communities and governments can make to ensure the future for our children.

Programs to make college education accessible to all high school graduates is a great sound bite for politicians but falls short if the students heading to those colleges and universities do not have the basic and higher level skills and knowledge to take advantage of the university program.

Responsible families, communities and governments live within budgets. And most people and organizations make choices. If given the choice to fund high quality preschools, elementary schools and middle schools, or to fund higher education, the answer is simple.

Would anyone put an expensive roof on a building knowing that the foundation is not complete?

Across the state of Florida preschool enrollment is up. The increased demographic of this age group is part of that increase. The more important factor is that families, communities and governments are better educated about the importance of early learning. They are making the investment in young children at a time when children’s brains are best ready to benefit from programs that will provide skills and habits of mind that provide readiness for future growth and success.

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