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Choosing Community at Shorecrest

Posted by Dr. Jean Spencer-Carnes on Aug 22, 2018 8:05:00 AM

Making a School Choice     Students collaborating at Shorecrest

The sound of children working intently, their laughter on the playground, their happy voices in conversation at lunch, the sight of a teacher helping a student one on one: these are things we all think of, when we think of school. Finding a learning environment where your child is engaged in their studies and surrounded by supportive adults and peers is important to every parent.  Choosing among Tampa Bay’s myriad options can be overwhelming. According to, independent schools like Shorecrest Preparatory School, serve almost 20,000 students in Pinellas County.

Independent schools are a good choice for families who are committed to their communities. Engaging in an education apart from the mainstream requires a necessary investment of money and time. Then, finding the school that fits and enriches an individual child requires some research.

It’s Buying in,” writes Michael Godsey in The Atlantic. A public school teacher in San Luis Obispo California, he chose a small independent school for his daughter. He explains that when he was choosing the educational environment he wanted for his daughter, he chose a school where he saw students and teachers completely engaged in their daily activities. A place where teachers could focus on the details and higher principles of what they were teaching. He says, “As my daughter embarks on her K-12 journey, my wife and I are leaning toward private school for one simple reason: The kids take pride in their personal character and they admit that they love learning.” A place where parents take a personal stake in a specific curriculum and method of education for their child.

For all parents entering the process of choosing the community in which their child will be educated, the National Association of Independent Schools offers some touchstone considerations:
  • School Type
  • Grade Range
  • Location
  • Student body
  • Educational philosophy
  • Curriculum
  • Faculty
  • Facilities
  • Special programs

Committing to Community

According to the Tampa Bay Business Journal, Shorecrest Preparatory School ranks in the top 5 highest enrollments for independent schools in the greater Tampa Bay area. At Shorecrest, students and teachers strive for excellence in academics and balance in everything they do on campus.  Shorecrest is ranked the #1 High School for STEM in Pinellas County. What the overall A+ rating and positive reviews on can't show is the dedication of the faculty, staff and students to their community. At the school's core is a sense of engagement, best felt in-person, palpable to anyone on campus.

Our Mission Statement:

Shorecrest is a college preparatory school that educates a diverse community of students to become lifelong learners in the pursuit of personal and academic excellence, physical well-being, creative achievement and the development of a commitment to social responsibility.

From the earliest years of The Experiential School through the Upper School, students are taught to respect themselves, each other and the environment. Community is integral to the philosophy of Shorecrest.  Our stated goal is that the community be united around our responsibility to nurture in our students a respect for themselves and others. Whether on the playground or when doing a service project, we encourage our students to understand and empathize with a diverse range of people both locally and in the broader world.

Evidence of the impact Shorecrest's philosophy has on its students is literally painted on the walls of the Middle School. In both the 5th and 6th grade, and 7th and 8th grade buildings there is a kindness wall. A place where students can use a Post-it to share a positive thought.

Shorecrest kindness wall


You are welcome to experience the community at Shorecrest first hand by scheduling a personal tour through our admissions office. 

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