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Avoiding Holiday Mania with Preschool Kids

Posted by Betty Gootson on Nov 30, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Preschool children (and children of all ages!) look forward to their favorite holidays, and this season is particularly exciting for most of them. But beware!

Avoiding holiday mania with preschool kids

The combination of tired, busy adults and over-excited children can end up creating a stressful atmosphere for everyone. As holidays approach, parents are extra busy trying to fulfill their normal commitments as well as to get everything ready so their children and families have a great holiday. Social occasions fill the calendars, and there is, of course, never enough time to be found for shopping.

Parents and children alike are tired as routines and schedules are upset, and patience may be in short supply, making it difficult for everyone to maintain their equilibrium and self-control.

Added pressure such as “Santa (or the Elf) is watching!” or “Do you want to lose a Chanukah present?” can backfire as the children fold under its weight. Keep in mind that everyone will enjoy this season more if everything is kept in perspective.

Avoid too many disruptions to your children’s routines and schedules, and be sure that everyone is getting enough rest. Doing so will help ensure that this a happy holiday season for everyone!

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